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Monday, 19 March 2012

A new season

After another good winter in Haarlem we start travelling again today, a new season and new adventures.
We start a route that we do not know, so far we came in and left Haarlem from the south side,  now we are going  North and through the North Sea Canal and the Orange locks to the Randmeren (all of our plans can be found on the web site) and all the way to Groningen,  more about this in following blogs.

We have, in the end, had real winter and the Spaarne was fully frozen over. A lot of skating around the ship good for pretty pictures.


Although the winter is really is over now, Apollo's foot, standing on the shower building in the centre of Haarlem is still dressed with the sock a creative knitter has put on it, it looks cute.

This winter again a lot of work was done in and around the ship. The biggest eye catcher is the new (collapsible) platform  Michel build in front of the steering wheel, in any case, whatever we will have good visibility.

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