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Monday, 9 April 2012


After a week in dry-dock we are afloat again and the result of a week's hard work is great.
It was tough on Michel because he has worked as helping foreman and for me because I couldn’t get off the ship for a few days (did not dare) and therefore had to stay inside. After all it wasn’t too hard as I had time for useful things and also for serving the coffee, rolls etc.
There were three boys to help and they stripped the whole ship from just below the waterline to the ‘berghout’.
fully protected all-over, it was hard and dirty labour
That part of the ship had not been treated yet (that is to say, in our time) and the many layers of tar were cracking and the hull was getting rusty underneath.
this is what it looked like and this is not the worst spot

Each year we had to choose between applying a new layer or do the right thing and strip.
We decided to go for the second option and to our delight now you can see the original depth marks next to the rudder and on the bow.

depth marks next to the rudder

now well discernable where previous invisible
 We hebben besloten tot kaal halen en tot ons genoegen werden nu ook de oorspronkelijke diepte merken naast het roer en op de boeg weer zichtbaar.
It was heavy and dirty work, but after 2 days it was completely bare and smooth and the first layer of primer was on, giving the ship a silver shine, which looks very strange; we finished with two layers of paint.

a pinkish-silver coating of primer

and than the black, for security we went for anchor so nobody could steal this beautiful boat
Now we are back on the quay where the conversion took place and this coming week we’ll do a bit of painting on the outside and some repairs.
But first all the black dust and grit has to be washed off, ‘t Majeur was really dirty.
I’m happy that I have the run of the ship again and can work alongside (vertigo is impractical).

In the middle of April we can go back to pleasure cruising.

On our way to Groningen we passed a curious barge. 
At the time we decided that the pilot house on our barge was too small, so we had it removed in order to get a more spacious one.

Now, when you think your cramped for space you can also get an extension by putting a second one on top. Practical???