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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Using the original materials

When we demolished the original rear cabin we decided we'd try to reuse as much as possible. Unfortunately most of the wood was gone because of the woodworm, luckily not the sliding doors wich we  refurbished and now use, see also in an earlier blog.
Marble and tiles were in reasonable condition, except where painted by previous owners.
There was a tiny toiletroom with beautiful bathroom tiles, all screwed because in those days there was no adhesive material that could absorb the movements of the ship so the tiles would brake.
These tiles are now used by us in the kitchen and although we glue them now they all get a screw as that is how it should be.
On the other side of this wall, at the top of the cabinet, we will try to use the marbleslabs. If it works a picture and message will follow.

Monday, 15 February 2010

If you can't beat it.....

It's still winter, it's still cold and we have had enough.
We want summer, sitting on a terrace outside and we have therefore declared that open today. Where otherwise we sail was this afternoon the terrace and we drank some wine with the neighbours. It was fun but now we do better to wait until it gets a bit warmer.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The problem with water is.......

Living on a ship you have a lot to do with water, both inside and outside and it's not always as you want it. Water remains frozen solid outside and even in the channel, where the big cargo ships sail the ice floes. Good for beautiful pictures but we cannot sail. Inside you have another problem, condensation! Since we own 't Major reducing condensation has been a spearhead for us, all we have converted since the acquisition is well insulated and it shows, partly due to us living aboard permanently and heating. Unfortunately, the isolation in the parts that we have not converted is minimal and although we have improved a lot we still have occasional unpleasant surprises.
The upper edge of the beautiful new closet in the guest room suddenly was wet. Michel couldn't do anything but opening up the ceiling bit by bit; it turned out that constructing the cabinet changed the surroundings. Now the melting water from icicles hanging on the inside of the deck drains through the closet and not along the walls to the plane. We can restore it but it was not as we intended. As far as I’m concerned winter may de over but unquestionably it gives beautiful views. See a the photos with our view from the kitchen window and a picture of Panache during a walk. Note: to post a comment you do not create an account but if you fill the box (including your name) and then put it as anonymous is all right.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The sewing machine

For me, to live on a barge, it has always been a condition that it would be possible take my sewing machine and use it (without first rebuilding the room). We finally bought a barge that is actually bigger than I would have wanted, the advantage is that I can use not just the sewing machine but simultaneously the lock the machine.
Michel is a weekend in Amsterdam, for the first time I'm alone here for a few days on the ship and it's fine.
Considering the weather, still not inviting to go outside, a good opportunity to redecorate those chairs that have been waiting for a while.
We hear that elsewhere in the Netherlands boats are on the move (eg towards Friesland) but here we are still frozen in. Despite the thaw it will be some time before all ice is gone and according to weather reports it's going to freeze again so who knows how long we have to stay here.
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Monday, 1 February 2010

Today was the premiere forMichel (if you click on the picture you see enlargement) in his choir the "Faenstampers", many choirs from the area performed in a charity do for Haiti. It is amazing how many choirs there are around Grou alone. But it was fun and the chorus of Michel is the best:).
We are still stuck in thick ice and there's more snow falling all the time, it is very clear to us that we live in the north of the country.
Panache loves the snow and does nothing but roll around in it when he gets the chance. The advantage of the ice that we can remain in this beautiful place, the disadvantage that we can not sail and practice as we wanted to do. However we have nothing to say about it and we have plenty to do inside.