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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Katwijk to Dordrecht

Longer than intended we stayed in Katwijk, partly because it was very pleasant and partly because Rebecca had to go to Amsterdam unexpectedly and came back a day later than planned because of a fire in the Schipholtunnel, so no trains running.

In Katwijk we could walk along the beach and Panache has run up and down ten times what we walked and enjoyed himself tremendously. Although it was still rather cold and certainly in the water there were nevertheless surfers and canoĆ«rs who ventured out, brrrrrrrrr

Eventually Friday morning we barged to Delft via the Delftse Schie a beautiful typical Dutch countryside, pastures and mills and in between the A15 highway.

As you turn the bent and see Overschie, there is another typical picture of `towers' in Holland: mill, church, high tree and crane.

Delft was very busy along the quay, a typical student city on a Friday evening but the next day was such nice weather that we could enjoy, for the first time really, the renewed aftdeck, new deck, new chairs and new table.

the renewed aftdeck
Saturday we went on to Rotterdam and although we had expected that we would pass lots of industrial area the strech was very nice and with pastures and nice farms. Even going through Rotterdam was fun as you really go straight through the city.
We stayed the night in the Coolhaven with view on the Euromast.

the Euromast
Just for the Parklock so that we could lock first thing the next day (at 11 o'clock also lockkeepers enjoy Sunday).

waiting for the Parksluis, we are not that big
We had planned this part on Sunday morning, the stretch Rotterdam to Dordrecht is one of the busiest waterways of Europe. We were glad we did so, there was still more than enough movement and we could imagine how it will be on a weekday.
We could, however, make considerable speed witch is from time to time good for the engine, so we made waves at the bow such as we won’t frequently see.

Erasmus bridge
making waves while heading for the van Brieneoord bridge

For us it is quite special to pass under those bridges, we have crossed them frequently and said that we once would ....... and now it is that once.

Although we are not undivided happy with AIS system, it remains `big brother is watching’ it now proved its usefulness and service. The high-speed water buses, 50km p/u you can see moving on the screen, in reality all of a sudden they are in front or behind you.
Then as we got to the Merwede crossing to the port of Dordrecht, from the marifoon, the voice of the traffic leader sounded (that cross point is the busiest in Europe): Majeur what are your plans? Then we were informed what the other ships around us would do, where and how we had to pay attention and we could uncomplicated cross, by means of the AIS he had seen and identified us.

Now we lie in the Wolwevershaven (wool weaver port) in Dordrecht in the historical centre of the city. A very nice spot with splendid view, where Rebecca’s birthday all of a sudden became very festive because Michel had organised (and it was really a surprise) that a lot of dear friends and family had come to Dordrecht.
Again the aftdeck proved it’s use.

Today Michel does something with the technique and Thursday we go to the Biesbosch where we will remain a couple days and then through the Hollands Diep and by the Volkeraklocks to Antwerp.

If all goes well the following blog comes from a foreign country, at last we cross the border with ‘t Majeur.

Friday, 8 April 2011


On the 4th of April we left Haarlem, the farewell flowers from our Australian friends we got to know this winter, are still in bloom,  and we were cheered out by an enthusiastic committee.

We have enjoyed our stay in Haarlem very much and are happy to know that we are coming back next winter.
After six months in the city it is wonderful to be back in nature and wake up in the morning with the sound od birds.

Although not so much in the, absolutely idyllic mooring that we had on the first day on the Kagerplassen. Opposite 't Majeur they were working with piles of the jetties to renew them, it seemed like they were playing mikado.

Since Tuesday and Wednesday the weather was not good so we stayed there.
Thursday we left and also decided on the first deviation from the planned route, we are now in Katwijk on the Sea.  It was a last minute change, just because we both have never been there.
It is great fun to lie almost at sea, between us and the sea is just this huge dam and the beach.

Luckely for us it is not yet tourist season because already now it is noticeable that here the summer is full and than in the village you can probably walk over the heads. Although now closed of from the sea in 1953 (there are wild plans to create a seaport again) you can see all over the place that once it was a thriving fishing village.
We do wonder about the way they are counting (see photo).

Probably we will stay here until after the weekend and then go to Rotterdam.

We took of on a good start and look forward to the rest of our journey. We will keep you posted on this blog and hope to see youre reactions

Sunday, 3 April 2011

On the move again

It’s spring again, we had a wonderful holliday (New York and Iceland) and now its about time to leave Haarlem
the Welvaart turns round in the Spaarne
Our neighbours left already, they turned around to go North to Enkhuizen and we leave tomorrow (Sunday) to the south. The first day we’ll probably get to the Kagerplassen and find a nice spot there.
After that we go to Leiderdorp where we have an appointment with a sail maker to discuss the possibilities for a tent around the aft deck.

Michel scrubs

The last days we did some necessary work like completely hosing and scrubbing the ship, much needed after six months in the city

last work on the aft deck
Before we went on vacation Michel made a new wooden deck at the stern, it's less oblique and now the soup stays in the plates. It is very nice and also a good opportunity for new chairs and a new table.
Then of course we had to paint the deck before leaving.
This makes it impossible for a picture of the new deck in full regalia so that is for the next episode.

We are looking forward to our journey with great enthusiasm, we'll keep you informed and like to see your reactions to our posts.